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dc.contributor.authorDas, S K-
dc.contributor.authorNaik, S K-
dc.contributor.authorPatra, S K-
dc.identifier.citationInstitute of electrical and electronics engineers (TENCON 2011), November 21-24, 2011, Bali, Indonesiaen
dc.descriptionCopyright belongs to IEEE Xploreen
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we suggest a QoS based OVPN framework depending on delay. Now-a-days QoS assurances by the service provider network for Optical Virtual Network (OVPN) over GMPLS/DWDM network are a demanding factor for telecommunication clients. The proposed framework computes wavelength dependent delay for all possible OVPN connections for a source and destination pair of a client and finally setup a qualitatively best OVPN connection and provides a guaranteed quality of service (QoS). This framework also computes the QoS for different fiber materials in order to choose the right material, which can help to improve the QoS for an OVPN connection.en
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dc.subjectgeneral purpose routeren
dc.subjecttraffic control manageren
dc.subjectoptical virtual private networken
dc.subjectquality of serviceen
dc.subjectfit parametersen
dc.subjectOVPN connectionen
dc.titleFiber Material Dependent QoS Analysis and OVPN Connection Setup Over WDM/DWDM Networken
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