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Title: Mathematical Modelling for Hydrodynamic Studies of Spouted bed
Authors: Sahoo, B
Sahoo, A
Keywords: spouted bed
expansion ratio
fluctuation ratio
dimensionless analysis
Issue Date: Jul-2011
Citation: ICME-2011 section of World Congress for Engineers-2011 held at London, UK during 6-8th July-2011 (WCE-2011)
Abstract: The hydrodynamic behavior of the spouted bed has been studied by considering the different system parameters (viz. static bed height, spout diameter, particle size, gas velocity, particle density). Experiments were carried out using a Perspex column of 4 inch diameter. Attempts have been taken to develop correlations for the bed expansion / fluctuation ratios by varying different system parameters with the experimentally measured values of the bed dynamics on the basis of dimensional analysis. The experimental values of the expansion and fluctuation ratios were compared with the calculated results. The percentage deviations were observed to be within -15 to +15. A computer programmed was also done for the calculations of these bed dynamics theoretically. Theoretical results thus obtained through computer programming are compared with the calculated values obtained through the developed correlations on the basis of dimensional analysis approach as well as with the experimentally observed values of bed dynamics.
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