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Title: A New Algorithm for Motion Control of Acyclic Minimally Persistent Formation of Mobile Autonomous Agents
Authors: Atta, D
Subudhi, B
Keywords: Autonomous agents;
Directed graph;
Formation control;
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE India Council Conference, INDICON 2009; Ahmedabad; 18 December 2009 through 20 December 2009; Category number CFP09598; Code 79708
Abstract: This paper presents a motion control algorithm for a multiple mobile autonomous agents using the concept of a rigid and persistent formation with a Leader-Follower structure. Initially, a triangular formation was started for three agents and subsequently Henneberg Sequence [4] is applied to extend for multi-agent system. A decentralized control for each agent considering the shortest path between its initial & final position during the motion of formation is developed using SQP-a nonlinear optimization technique.
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