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Title: Synthesis and Sintering of Nanosize Li2TiO3 Ceramic Breeder Powder prepared by Autocombustion Technique
Authors: Sahu, B S
Bhatacharyya, B S
Chaudhuri, C P
Mazumder, D R
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Twentieth Annual Conference of Indian Nuclear Society (INSAC- 2009), 4-6 January, 2010, Chennai, India
Abstract: In the present report we prepare nanosize Li2TiO3 breeder powder by auto-combustion technique using cheaper source of Ti (e.g. TiO2) as the precursor material avoiding costly precursor like TiCl4 or Ti-isopropoxide. We find that by controlling the citrate nitrate ratio, the phase formation takes place during the autocombustion stage. The specific surface area of the synthesized powder is 35 m2/g. It has been found that combustion synthesized powder can be sintered at a temperature 1000oC for 2h with a sintered density more than 85%. Density and microstructure of the sintered pellet are compared with sintered sample prepared by solid state route.
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