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Title: Design of Multi Slotted and Multi Frequency Patch Antenna
Authors: S, Natarajamani
Behera, S K
Mishra, R K
Keywords: Microstip patch antenna,
dual band antenna,
IE3D simulator.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Applied Electromagnetic Confrence, Kolkata, 2009
Abstract: Design of Low profile single feed dual band microstip antenna operated at Wi-Fi/Wi-Max system is presented. It is demonstrated that by cutting slots into radiating edges of microstip patch antenna, a dual frequency response is achieved. The antenna was studied by means of numerical simulation. The return losses at 2.45 GHz, 3.4 GHz are -21.5dB, -13.2 dB respectively. Its bandwidth of 35MHz extends from 2.435GHz to 2.47GHz at the lower band. Its radiation patterns are also studied.
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