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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011Waste Management in Mining IndustrySahu, H B
2016Water Absorption Behavior and Residual Strength Assessment of Glass/Epoxy and Glass-Carbon/Epoxy Hybrid CompositeMohanty, S C; Singh, B P; Mahato, K K; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
Jun-2018Water Hyacinth (Eichornia Crassipes) as an Effective Biosorbent for sorption of PhenolMahapatra, M K; Kumar, A
1982Water Jet Machining: A state of artRay, P K
2007Wavelet packet-based digital relaying for advanced series compensated lineSamantaray, S R; Dash, P K
Dec-2013Wavelet Transform Based Error Detection in Signal Acquired from Artillery UnitPradhan, B B; Ari, S; Sahoo, G K; Jena, D K; Patra, S K; Appavuraj, R
2006WC–ZrO2 composites: processing and unlubricated tribological propertiesVenkateswaran, T; Sarkar, D; Basu, B
Mar-2017Wear Characteristics of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Short Hair Fibers and Glass Micro SpheresNanda, Bishnu Prasad
2009Wear Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed Nickel–Aluminum Composite CoatingsMishra, S C; Satapathy, Alok; Chaithanya, M; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V; Sreekumar, K P
2010WEAR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF PINE WOOD DUST FILLED EPOXY COMPOSITESKranthi, Ganguluri; Nayak, R; Biswas, Sandhyarani; Satapathy, Alok
2019Web service based credit card fraud detection byapplying machine learning techniquesPrusti, Debachudamani; Santanu Kumar, Rath
Jan-2011Web Usage Mining: An Implementation ViewKorra, S B; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K
Jan-2016Weld Seam Tracking and Simulation of 3-Axis Robotic Arm for Performing Welding Operation in CAD EnvironmentDeepak, B B V L; Rao, C A; Raju, B M V A
Aug-2017What Causes India’s High Inflation? A Threshold Structural Vector Autoregression AnalysisSethi, Narayan; Mallick, Arundhati
Dec-2017What Next in an Academic Library? A Conceptual FrameworkTripathi, Dhanwantari Prakash
Jul-2019Wireless Body Area Network Sensor Faults and Anomalous Data Detection and Classification using Machine LearningNagdeo, Sumit Kumar; Mahapatro, Judhistir
Mar-2016Wireless Data Acquisition for FarmingJha, R K; Pati, U C
Jul-2010Work progress of work package 9Jha, R
Mar-2014X-DualMake: Novel Immediate Mode Scheduling Heuristics in Computational GridsPanda, S K; Agrawal, P; Mohapatra, D P
Mar-2014X-Ray fibre diffraction analysis of 6MV photon-induced Mimosa pudicaPatra, S R; Sinha, S P; Mishra, S C; Mallick, B