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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012E-Books: Ten QuestionsRao, Y S
Dec-2013An E-Plane Folded Magic Tee for X Band ApplicationsKalia, J
Apr-2023Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and Severity Assessment based on Gait using 1D-CNNSharma, Narayan Prasad; Junaid, Iman; Ari, Samit
2006Eccentrically loaded strip foundation on geogrid-reinforced sandPatra, C R; Das, B M; Bhoi, M; Shin, E C
Dec-2013ECG Arrhythmia Recognition using Artificial Neural Network with S-transform based Effective FeaturesDas, M K; Ari, S
Apr-2013ECG signal analysis for detection of Cardiovascular abnormalities and Ischemic episodesSahoo, G K; Ari, S; Patra, S K
Sep-2010Eco-friendly concrete using by-products of Steel industrySingh, S P; Murmu, M
Nov-2004Economic Proposition for Rural Industrial Sector :Extraction of Tanin From the Bark of Arjuna TreePatel, P; Khuntia, A; Namda, J K; Roy, G K
Sep-2015Economical Operation & Estimation of Operating Cost of Draglines in Open Cast MinesSahu, A R; Naik, H
Sep-1988Economics of Urban Solid Waste ManagementRoy, G K
2004An edge marking technique for dynamic slicing of object-oriented programsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Mall, R; Kumar, R
Jun-2022EEG Classification For Stroke Detection Using Deep Learning NetworksKumar, Suranjan; Sengupta, Anwesha
Oct-2012Effect of 200MeV of Ag ions on electrical transport property in Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7-δ thick composite filmKujur, A; Ashokan, K; Behera, D
Jun-2016Effect of Aging On Wear Behavior of Al-Mg-Sic CompositeBehera, A; Mishra, S C
2013Effect of Alloying Elements and Processing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Austempered Ductile IronDas, A K; Dhal, J P; Panda, R K; Mishra, S C; Sen, S
Apr-2011Effect of Alumina Particulate on Erosion Wear Behaviour of Short Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Epoxy CompositesBiswas, Sandhyarani; Debnath, Kishore
Jul-2022Effect of Atmospheric Cold Plasma Treatment on Functional Properties of Modified Cassava (Manihot Esculenta) StarchPrasath, V. Arun; Saha, Dibakar; Patra, Abhipriya
Jun-2012Effect of austempering variables on the mechanical properties of spheroidal graphite ironSwain, S K; Sen, S
Dec-2023Effect of Axial Back Conduction in a Zig-Zag Oriented MicrochannelMohapatra, Jyoti Ranjan; Pandia, Abhisek; Moharana, Manoj Kumar
Feb-2024Effect of Ball Milling on the Structural and Bioactivity Properties of Commercially Pure TitaniumGhosh, Moumita; Arunachalam, Thirugnanam