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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Dam Breach Parameters and its Effects on Propagation of Flood Wave in the DownstreamPatra, K.C; Mishra, Ritusnata
Dec-2018Dam Break Flow Simulation Model for Preparing Emergency Action Plans for Bargi Dam FailureVerma, S; Sachin; Patra, K C
2006Damping capacity of layered and jointed copper structuresNanda, B K
Apr-2002Data compression of power quality events using the slantlet transformPanda, G; Dash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Meher, S K
Oct-2022De-carbonization and Environmental Planning Roadmap for Rourkela Steel CitySen, R; Bandyopadhyaya, R; Bansal, S; Sio, S
Feb-2012Dea Based Taguchi Approach for Multi-Objective Optimization in Machining Polymers: A Case StudyKumar, A; Sahu, J; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
Dec-2021Dead Beat Predictive DPC based Battery Charging System Using Dynamic DC-link ReferenceRath, Abinash; Srungavarapu, Gopalakrishna
Apr-2015Dead reckoning localisation technique for mobile wireless sensor networksRashid, H; Turuk, A K
Sep-2021Dealing with Class Imbalance in Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning and SMOTEKedas, Shweta; Kumar, Arun; Jain, Puneet Kumar
2021Dearomatisation - An Unsolved RiddleSarkar, Debayan
Jul-2013Decentralized Mixed Delay-Dependent/Delay-Independent Stabilization of Interconnected Time-Delay SystemsGhosh, S; Das, S K; Ray, G
Apr-2022Deciphering Innocence: A Tale of Socio-economic Conditions of Child Labour in OdishaNarayan, Sethi
Jun-2016Decision Boundary for Underwater Acoustic Communication with Generalized Gaussian Noise ModelBhuyan, S; Deshmukh, S
2009Decision Tree-based Fault Zone Identification and Fault Classification in Flexible AC Transmissions-based Transmission LineSamantaray, S R
Nov-2021Decolorization and degradation of toxic Malachite green dye using laccase immobilized biocharPandey, Deepshikha; Daverey, Achlesh; Dutta, Kasturi; Arunachalam, Kusum
Nov-2022Deep Leaning-Based Facial Expression Recognition in FER2013 Database: An in-Vehicle ApplicationSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Ponduru, Jayakrishna; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
Jun-2019A deep learning approach for automated quality control of iron oresGorai, A K; Balusa, B C
Aug-2017Deep Learning based Counter-Forensic Image Classification for Camera Model IdentificationVenkata, Udaya Sameer; Naskar, Ruchira; Musthyala, Nikhita; Kokkalla, Kalyan
Dec-2019Deep Learning based Loitering Detection System using Multi-camera Video Surveillance NetworkNayak, Rashmiranjan; Behera, Mohini Mohan; Girish, V; Pati, Umesh Chandra; Das, Santos Kumar
May-2022Deep Learning-Based Facial Emotion Recognition for Driver HealthcareSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam