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Title: Dam Break Flow Simulation Model for Preparing Emergency Action Plans for Bargi Dam Failure
Authors: Verma, S
Patra, K C
Keywords: Bargi dam
Breach parameters
Flood inundation map
Overtopping failure
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Citation: 23rd International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering ( HYDRO 2018), Patna,India, 19-21 December 2018.
Abstract: Study of dam breach analysis is necessary because of the tragic consequences that can result in dam failure. After dam had breached, it is difficult to prevent the flood. Therefore engineers focused more over the flood management for the protection of the population at downstream of dam. This can be done by knowing different types of dam failure, by calculating the consequences of each type of failure, and by evaluating the risk associated with that failure type. In India till now 37 dam’s failure has been reported. Bargi Dam or Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi Sagar Dam comes under the category of large dams constructed across Narmada River and breaching of this dam can cause disaster in Madhya Pradesh as well as Gujarat. This study is focused over the overtopping failure of the earthen part of the Bargi Dam. The present work comprise of three objectives: (1) case study of Bargi Dam failure using hydrodynamic model MIKE11, (2) Bargi dam failure impact on Narmada River and Jabalpur city, (3) preparation of inundation map for Bargi dam failure. Further, the present research also presents the applicability and usability of MIKE11-DB developed by the Danish Hydraulic Institute.
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