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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Ba2Co2Fe12O22 – ZnFe2O4 ferrite composite having equivalent permeability and permittivity for ultra-high frequency band antenna applicationsPolley, Kousik; Kushvaha, Suraj; Bera, J
Dec-2023Backward Dynamic Programming Approach to Solve the Unit Commitment Problem Based on a Day Load CurveSahu, Dibya Ranjan; Mohanty, Sanjeeb
2007Backward Fault Recovery in Real Time Distributed Systems of Periodic Tasks with Timing And Precedence ConstraintSahoo, Bibhudatta; Ekka, A A
Oct-2022Bacoapside-1 induces mitochondrial fission and mitophagy to target arecoline-induced inflammasome activation in oral squamous cell carcinoma.Mishra, Soumya Ranjan; Bhutia, Sujit K.
Feb-2019Bacopa monnieri-induced protective autophagy inhibits benzo[a]pyrene-mediated apoptosisBhutia, Sujit Kumar
Dec-2023Bacopaside-I, An Active Component from Bacopa Monnieri, Induces PPA-Mediated Mitochondrial Fission and Mitophagy for Targeting NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in Oral CancerMishra, Soumya Ranjan; Bhutia, Sujit Kumar
2007Bacteria Foraging Based Independent Component AnalysisAcharya, D P; Panda, G; Mishra, S; Lakshmi, Y V S
Feb-2018Bacterial diversity of Bhitarkanika mangrove ecosystem, Odisha, IndiaDas, Surajit; Palit, Krishna
Nov-2019Bacterial morphogenesis vis-à-vis cell size in the various stages of biofilm developmentDas, Surajit
2005Bacterial transport in porous media: New aspects of the mathematical modelSen, T K; Das, D; Khilar, K C; Suraishkumar, G K
Dec-2011Bacterial Vaginosis: Etiology and Modalities of Treatment—A Brief NoteKumar, N; Behera, B; Sagiri, S S; Pal, K; Ray, S S; Roy, S
19-Feb-2015A balance between membrane elasticity and polymerization energy sets the shape of spherical clathrin coatsSaleem, M; Morlot, S; Hohendahl, A; Manzi, J; Lenz, M; Roux, A
2007Balanced amplifying antenna for circular polarizationBehera, S K; Mishra, R K; Poddar, D R
2007Balanced amplifying microstrip patch antenna at 2.4 GHzBehera, S K; Mishra, R K; Poddar, D R
Jul-2014Balancing-like sequences associated with integral standard deviations of consecutive natural numbersPanda, G K; Panda, A K
Feb-2021Barriers of implementing supply chain finance: ISM-MICMAC approachSahoo, P.S.Biswa bhusan; Thakur, Vikas
Mar-2024Basic Strategies to Design and Performance Analysis of RefractoriesSarkar, Debasish
Sep-2017Basics of vi editor commandTuruk, Ashok Kumar
Apr-2022Battery Charging With Model Predictive DPC based Converter Using Dynamic DC-link ReferenceRath, Abinash; Srungavarapu, Gopalakrishna
Mar-2024Bayesian Neural Network for Robust Estimation of Signal Source Number in Acoustic Sensor DataDas, Samiran; Ghosal, Sandip