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Title: Barriers of implementing supply chain finance: ISM-MICMAC approach
Authors: Sahoo, P.S.Biswa bhusan
Thakur, Vikas
Keywords: Supply chain finance (SCF)
supply chain
interpretive structural modeling (ISM)
Issue Date: Feb-2021
Citation: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Economics Finance and AccountingAE-ICEFAROME,Organized by: Academicsera ,Rome, Italy, 25- 26 February, 2021
Abstract: Managing the financial flow in the supply chain has been considered as crucial element in the supply chain management. SCF approach helps to enhance the financial flow and reduce the financial constraint from the supply chain. However, existing practice and process of SCF are facing various challenges in real world scenario along with very few studies in the SCF. The present study aims to identify different challenges faced by SCF. The method interpretive structural modeling (ISM) has been implemented to prioritize the selected factors and subsequently leveling them. This study has found long cash conversion cycle is the vital challenge, and lack of SCF training is less prioritize challenge faced by SCF. The implications and conclusion has been highlighted in the present study.
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