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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1997Computational aspects of adaptive radial basis function equalizer designPatra, S K; Mulgrew, B
Feb-2015Computational Complexity Analysis of PTS Technique under Graphics Processing UnitYadav, S S; Pradhan, P K; Patra, S K
Jul-2018Computational Investigation of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from Laminar Offset Jet and Wall JetRathore, Sushil Kumar; Pathak, Aayush; Majumdar, Abhishek; Chaudhuri, Sumanta
Feb-2019Computational investigation of slot jet impinging on a heated flat plate using low-Reynolds number modelingRathore, Sushil Kumar; Rathore, Sanjay Singh; Singh, Sudarshan
1996Computer control of cement raw mill with an improved material mix control schemeSwain, A K; Subudhi, B
2010Computer Infrastructure Facilities and Services at NIT Libraries in IndiaRao, Y S; Choudhury, B K
2009Computer-Aided Simulation of Metal Flow through Curved Die for Extrusion of Square Section from Square BilletMaity, K P; Rout, A K; Majhi, K
2003Concept of Blastability - An updateDey, K; Sen, P
Dec-2016Concept of Turbulence Modelling and Its Application in Open Channel FlowSingh, P; Kumar, A; Khatua, K K
2012Conceptual Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Five-Fingered Anthropomorphic Robotic HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Mahapatra, R N
2010Conformal Patch Fed Stacked Triangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for WLAN ApplicationsKumari, R; Parmar, K; Behera, S K
Jan-2016Conjugate Heat Transfer in Single-Phase Wavy MicrochannelTiwari, N; Moharana, M K; Sarangi, S K
Dec-2017Conjugate Heat Transfer in Two-Phase Flow in MicrotubeTiwari, Nishant; Moharana, Manoj Kumar; Sarangi, Sunil Kumar
Nov-2017Consensus-based Voltage and Frequency Restoration Scheme for Inertia-less Islanded Microgrid with Communication LatencyShrivastava, Sonam; Subudhi, Bidyadhar; Das, Susmita
2008Constrained Compound Markov Random Field Model for Segmentation of Color Texture and Scene ImagesPanda, S; Nanda, P K; Dey, R
2007Constrained genetic algorithm based independent component analysisAcharya, D P; Panda, G; Lakshmi, Y V S
2008Constrained Markov Random Field Model for Color and Texture Image SegmentationDey, R; Nanda, P K; Panda, S
8-May-2008Continuous jute fiber reinforced laminated paper composite and reinforcement fiber-free paper laminateVerma, B B
2009Continuous Jute Fibre Reinforced Laminated Paper Composite and Reinforcement-Fibre Free Paper LaminateVerma, B B
2008Control of double-output induction machine for variable speed wind energy conversion system using dynamic vector approachChitti Babu, B; Mohanty, K B; Poongothai, C