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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012A Technique for Pulse RADAR Detection Using RRBF Neural NetworkSahoo, A K; Panda, G; Majhi, B
May-2012Techno economic evaluation of iron ore pellet manufacturing processes in india and justification for new units in odishaNaik, H K; Pradhan, I C
2005Technological Challenges of Making PZT Based Piezoelectric WafersSen, A; Seal, A; Das, N; Mazumder, R; Maiti, H S
Dec-2014Technological Innovations in Coal Minning IndustryJayanthu, S; Rammohan, P; Chandramohan
Dec-1990Tel Shail se Tel DohanSingh, R K; Roy, G K
Dec-2018Temperature and loading rate effect on the load-displacement response of metalmetallic glass (Al-Cu50Zr50) layered structure during nano-indentationGupta, Pradeep; Yedla, N
2006Temperature effect during humid ageing on interfaces of glass and carbon fibers reinforced epoxy compositesRay, B C
Nov-2018Tensile and thermal effects on inter-ply hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesSrinivasu, D; Kumar, M. Kishore; Kumar, P. Rajesh; Ray, B. C
Jan-2019Tensile behaviour of AA 5052-AA 6063 lap joints through friction stir spot welding processSrinivas, J
Dec-2018Testing of Lora Module for Communications Systems in Opencast Mine- Vis-a-vis Slope StabilityYadav, Devendra Kumar; Jayanthu, Singam
2009Text Extraction from Document Images using Edge InformationGrover, S; Arora, K; Mitra, S K
Mar-2017Text Summarization with Automatic Keyword Extraction in Telugu e-NewspapersNaidu, Reddy; Bharti, Santosh Kumar; Sathya Babu, Korra; Mohapatra, Ramesh Kumar
Jun-2016Texture and Microstructure Evolution in Pure ZincSahoo, S K; Sabat, R K; Panda, S; Mishra, S C; Suwas, S
2010Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Oil Injected Twin Screw Air Compressor When Compressing Different Light and Heavy GasesSeshaiah, N; Sahoo, R K; Sarangi, S K
Apr-2011Theoretical Description of Relaxor FerroelectricPanigrahi, S; Badapanda, T; Sahu, N; Parija, B
Jul-2015A Theoretical Study on Ratcheting Fatigue Behavior of Copper Nanowire Using Classical Molecular Dynamics SimulationDutta, K; Singh, D; Kamal, Z; Pal, S; Karthik, V; Yedla, N
2000Thermal analysis of an infinite slab during quenchingSatapathy, A K
2001Thermal analysis of an infinite tube during quenchingSatapathy, A K; Sahoo, R K
Mar-2018Thermal and Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Plasma Sprayed Red Mud‐Fly Ash Coatings on Mild SteelSutar, H; Roy, D; Mishra, S. C; Patra, S; Murmu, R
Sep-2015Thermal and In-vitro Study of Borate Based BioglassPal, S K; Banerjee, I; Singh, S; Chakraborty, S