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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Synthesis and characterization of copper–alumina metal matrix composite by conventional and spark plasma sinteringDash, K; Ray, B C; Chaira, D
Dec-2013Synthesis and Characterization of Exfoliated Graphite (EG) and to Use it as a Reinforcement in Zn-based Metal Matrix CompositesAlam, S N; Kumar, L
Jun-2011Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-TiO2 Dispersed Composite Coating by Electro-co-depositionParida, G; Chaira, D; Basu, A
Jul-2016Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Y2O3 Dispersed Zr-Fe Alloys by Mechanical Alloying and Pulse Plasma SinteringKarak, S K; Samataray, R; Dąbrowski, F; Ciupinski, L
Aug-2017Synthesis and Characterization of NanoporousTiO2thin Films by Dip Coating MethodRoy, Sritama; Tripathy, N; Das, K.C; Ghosh, S.P; Sahu, P.K; Kar, J.P
2011Synthesis and characterization of Ni-TiO2 composite coatings by electro-co-depositionParida, G; Chaira, D; Chopkar, M; Basu, A
Nov-2016Synthesis and Characterization of Pulsed Electrodeposited Cu-Y2O3 CoatingMaharana, H S; Basu, A
2007Synthesis and characterization of silicon carbide by reaction milling in a dual-drive planetary millChaira, Debasis; Mishra, B K; Sangal, S
2006Synthesis and characterization of sol–gel derived ZrO2 doped Al2O3 nanopowderSarkar, D; Mohapatra, Deepak; Ray, S; Bhattacharyya, S; Adak, S; Mitra, N
Dec-2018Synthesis and Characterizations of BT-LCNO Ceramics for Capacitor ApplicationsNegi, Rashmi Rekha; Kumar, Pawan
2009Synthesis and Morphological Analysis of Titanium Carbide NanopowderSarkar, D; Chu, M C; Cho, S J; Kim, Y I; Basu, B
2004Synthesis and Sintering of Nano-crystalline Ca-hydroxyapatite.Roy, P K; Kalia, V; Bera, J
2010Synthesis and Sintering of Nanosize Li2TiO3 Ceramic Breeder Powder prepared by Autocombustion TechniqueSahu, B S; Bhatacharyya, B S; Chaudhuri, C P; Mazumder, D R
2007Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Stable Dimeric Boron(II) DicationDinda, R; Ciobanu, Oxana; Wadephol, Heubert; Hubner, Olaf; Acharyya, Rama; Himmel, Hans-Jorg
2006Synthesis of (Ba1-xSrx)(Ti0.5Zr0.5)O3 ceramics and effect of Sr content on room temperature dielectric propertiesBera, J; Rout, S K
2006Synthesis of Aluminium-Cementite Metal Matrix Composite By Mechanical AlloyingChaira, Debasis; Sangal, S; Mishra, B K
2007Synthesis of Aluminium-Cementite Metal Matrix Composite by Mechanical AlloyingChaira, Debasis; Sangal, S; Mishra, B K
2007Synthesis of an Al-based Al-Cr-Co-Ce alloy by mechanical alloying and its thermal stabilityMula, S; Ghosh, S; Pabi, S K
2004Synthesis of CdS–Ag2S core-shell/composite nanoparticles using AOT/n-heptane/water microemulsionsHota, G; Jain, S; Khilar, K C
Nov-2016Synthesis of Copper Doped Zinc Oxide Nanowires with Enhanced Ultraviolet Photoresponse BehaviorGhosh, S P; Das, K C; Tripathy, N; Moharana, A; Adhikari, A; Bose, G; Kim, D H; Lee, T I; Myoung, J M; Kar, J P