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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Interface Structure and Kinetics in Doped AluminaBehera, S K; Harmer, M P
Mar-2013Interference Suppression using De-correlating Rake Receiver in case of WCDMAPatel, S; Patra, S K
Mar-2014Intermediate Mode Scheduling in Computational GridPanda, S K; Agrawal, P; Mohapatra, D P
Mar-2012Internet Based Boiler Drum Level Control System Using LabVIEWAgrawal, R; Pati, U C
Feb-2019Interoperability and Metadata Capability of Research Data Management’s Tools: A Comparative Study of DSpace and EPrintsTripathi, Dhanwantari Prakash
Nov-2012Interrogating Body Politic: Reflections towards Thuggee Cult in British IndiaRath, A K
Nov-2013Interval wavelet sets determined by points on the CircleSingh, D
Feb-2018Introduction to the dimensions of Self-realization and their role in Transformational LeadershipVerma, Surabhi
Jun-2014Intruder Identification in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Infrastructure using LocalizationDalai, A K; Jena, S K
Sep-2011Intrusion Detection System for Detecting Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc NetworksSingh, Y; Jena, S K
Mar-2015Inverse Kinematic Solution of Robot Manipulator Using Hybrid Neural NetworkBiswal, BB; Jha, P; Sahu, OP
2010Inverted U-Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna for WLANP, Mahender; S, Natarajamani; Behera, S K
Jan-2009Invertible, Involutory and Permutation Matrix Generation Methods for Hill Cipher SystemAcharya, B; Jena, D; Patra, S K; Panda, G
Jan-2018Investigating Entry Capacity Models of Roundabouts under Heterogeneous Traffic ConditionsPatnaik, Ashish Kumar; Ranjan, Ankit Raj; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Jan-2019Investigating Service Performances of Signalized Intersections Operating under Mixed Traffic ConditionJena, Suprava; Kar, Manaswinee; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Mar-2012Investigation in to Tribo Potential of Biomass Based Carbon Black Filler in Epoxy CompositeAcharya, S K; Samantarai, S P
Jun-2017Investigation of Adverse Effect of CNTs’ Functionalization on the Long Term Water Conditioned CNT/ Epoxy CompositesSaha, Sunirmal; Bal, Smrutisikha
May-2015Investigation of Compressive Creep Behaviour of Die-cast MRI153M and MRI230D Magnesium AlloysMondal, A K; Shastri, H; Bankoti, A K S; Kumar, S
2013Investigation of Dielectric Properties of a Novel Hybrid Polymer Composite using Industrial and Bio-wasteDhal, J P; Mishra, S C
2010An Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Chicken Feather Reinforced Epoxy Matrix CompositeMishra, S C; Nayak, N B