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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Assessing the Suitability of Compacted Bentonite-Pond Ash Mixes as Landfill LinerRout, Suryaleen; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2019Behavior of Rigid Footing Rested on a Group of Stone ColumnBhaumik, Mrinal; Singh, Suresh Prasad; Biswas, Megha
Dec-2019Effects of Delay Time on Compaction and Strength Properties of Stabilized Granular SoilManikanta Kumar, B Siva; Singh, Suresh Prasad; Sreenivasulu, Chadarangam
Dec-2016An Experimental Investigation on the Geoengineering Properties of Pond Ash-Bentonite MixesRout, Suryaleen; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2016Geo-Engineering Properties of Sedimented Flyash Bed Stabilized By Chemical ColumnsPani, Aparupa; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2016Influence of GGBS on Strength of Red Mud Stabilized by Alkalination ProcessSingh, Suresh Prasad; Samantasinghar, Subhashree; Sindhuja, Dummu
Jun-2017Influences of Curing Conditions On Strength and Microstructure of Lime-Amended Fly AshPani, Aparupa; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2019Plasticity and Swelling Characteristics of Geopolymer Treated Expansive SoilMishra, Manaswini; Sahoo, Prabodha Kumar; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Jul-2017Stabilization of Red Mud Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag by Geopolymerization TechniqueSingh, Suresh Prasad; Samantasinghar, S.; Sindhuja, D.
Dec-2019Strength and Permeability Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Liner MaterialSeth, Debtanu; Singh, Shubham; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Jul-2017Strength Characteristics of Dispersive Soil by Using Industrial By-ProductsMohanty, Samaptika; Roy, Nagendra; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2019Strength Properties of Alkali Activated Fly AshAnand, Gaurav; SwamyNaidu, Murapaka; Singh, Suresh Prasad
Dec-2016Synthesis of Fly Ash-Ggbs Blended Geopolymer CompositsSamantasinghar, Subhashree; Singh, Suresh Prasad