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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Assessment of adhesion chemistry at the fiber/polymer interface and evaluation of mechanical behavior of FRP compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2013An assessment of interfacial chemistry and character of fiber/polymer micro-compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2014An assessment of mechanical behaviour and fractography study of glass/epoxy composites at different temperatures and loading speedsSethi, S; Ray, B C
Jun-2013Effect of Nanoparticle in FRP C omposite s on Evaluation of Loading Rate SensitivitySethi, S; Ray, B C
Oct-2014Effects of temperature and loading speed on interfacedominated strength in fibre/polymer composites: An evaluation for in-situ environmentSethi, S; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
2011Evaluation of structural integrity and mechanical behavior of advanced FRP compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2011Experimental studies on mechanical behavior and microstructural assessment of glass/epoxy composites at low temperaturesSethi, S; Panda, P K; Nayak, R; Ray, B C
2014Experimental study on mechanical behaviour and microstructural assessment of Kevlar/epoxy composites at liquid nitrogen temperatureSethi, S; Ray, B C
2010Interface Assessment in Composite MaterialsSethi, S; Ray, B C
2013Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Composites at Cryogenic TemperaturesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2006Preparation of karanja oil methyl esterSingh, R K; Kiran Kumar, A; Sethi, S
2014A study on fiber/matrix contour and interface/interphase integrity by SEM and AFM techniquesSethi, S; Ray, B C