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Title: Effect of Nanoparticle in FRP C omposite s on Evaluation of Loading Rate Sensitivity
Authors: Sethi, S
Ray, B C
Keywords: Polymer nanocomposites
loading rate
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Scientific and Academic Publishing
Citation: Scientific and Academic Publishing Vol-3, Issue no-6, 2013
Abstract: Alumina/epoxy nanocomposites were synthesized using 50 nm alumina nanoparticles. The resulting nanocomposites display a room temperature brittle-to ductile transition in flexural test (3-point bendtest) with an increase in the ILSS value with increase of loading speed. Formation of double layer at the interfaceregion because of a common surface,which is created by molecular mobility (physic-chemical bond) of matrix affect the interfacial interaction zone. Nevertheless, the most striking result is that mirror, mist and hackle region observed in fractography analysis
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