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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Assessment and modification strategies for improved interlaminar properties of advanced FRP composites: A reviewPrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
2015An Assessment of Flexural Performance of Liquid Nitrogen Conditioned Glass/Epoxy Composites with Multiwalled Carbon NaotubeShukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
Feb-2015A comparative study of the mechanical performance of Glass and Glass/Carbon hybrid polymer composites at different temperature environmentsShukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Mahato, K K; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
Nov-2016Effect of In-Service Temperature on the Flexural and Creep Behaviour of Carbon Nanofiber Embedded Epoxy NanocompositePrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
2016Effect of Loading Rate on Tensile Properties and Failure Behavior of Glass Fibre/Epoxy CompositeMahato, K K; Biswal, M; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Dutta, K; Ray, B C
Oct-2014Effects of temperature and loading speed on interfacedominated strength in fibre/polymer composites: An evaluation for in-situ environmentSethi, S; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
Aug-2016Experimental Optimization of Flexural Behaviour Through Inter-Ply Fibre Hybridization in FRP CompositePrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Singh, B P; Mohanty, S C; Mahato, K K
Dec-2015Flexural behaviour of CNT-filled glass/epoxy composites in an in-situ environment emphasizing temperature variationPrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Shukla, M J; Ray, B C
2016Mechanical Performance of CNT-Filled Glass Fiber/Epoxy Composite in In-Situ Elevated Temperature Environments Emphasizing the Role of CNT ContentRathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Kumar, D S; Ray, B C
2014A Recent Understanding on Theories of Moisture Ingression and its Effect on FRP CompositesMishra, S; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
2016Water Absorption Behavior and Residual Strength Assessment of Glass/Epoxy and Glass-Carbon/Epoxy Hybrid CompositeMohanty, S C; Singh, B P; Mahato, K K; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C