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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Camera Zoom Detection and Classiļ¬cation Based on Application of Histogram Intersection and Kullback Leibler DivergenceSandula, Pavan; Okade, Manish
Feb-2019Camera Zoom Motion Detection in the Compressed DomainSandula, Pavan; Okade, Manish
Dec-2018Compressed domain zoom motion detection and classification based on application of local ternary patterns on block motion vectorsSandula, Pavan; Okade, Manish
Jun-2019Computational Color Naming for Human-Machine InteractionJyothi, Kondala Rao; Okade, Manish
Dec-2018Exposing Image Resizing utilizing Welch Power Spectral Density Analysis for Double Compressed JPEG ImagesSahu, Sidhant; Okade, Manish
Feb-2020Forensic Detection of Median Filtering in Images Using Local Tetra Patterns and J-DivergenceAnumala, Udayeni; Okade, Manish
Aug-2021Hardware realization of video enhancement and compression algorithmsKolanu, Harish Reddy; Nagrale, Priyadarshini; Okade, Manish; Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Feb-2020Kinect Based Frontal Gait Recognition Using Skeleton and Depth Derived FeaturesSheshadri, Manasa Gowri Hebbur; Okade, Manish
Apr-2018A Novel Technique for Fast Content-Based Image Retrieval using Dual-Cross PatternsKakde, Bhavana; Okade, Manish
Sep-2023Optimized Composite Field Based Hardware Architectures for AES S-box using Logic Decomposition TechniquesMishra, Ruby; Okade, Manish; Mahapatra, Kamalakanta
Dec-2020Optimized S-Box Architectures of PRESENTCipher for Resource Constrained ApplicationsMishra, Ruby; Okade, Manish; Mahapatra, Kamalakanta