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Title: Camera Zoom Motion Detection in the Compressed Domain
Authors: Sandula, Pavan
Okade, Manish
Keywords: Zoom motion
Local tetra patterns
Uniform patterns
Camera motion
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: International Conference on Range Technology (ICORT-2019), Chandipur, India, 15-17 February,2019.
Abstract: In this paper we investigate the application of local tetra patterns to the compressed domain camera zoom recognition problem. The primary aim is to separate the zooming frames from the non-zooming (panning, tilting) frames for which the block motion vector orientation information is modeled utilizing a 3× 3 neighborhood and local tetra patterns. These patterns are binarized followed by feature reduction using the concept of uniform patterns and finally fed to the C-SVM classifier for recognition purposes. Comparative analysis with state-ofthe-art methods using ESME and H.264 obtained block motion vectors extracted from standard video sequences show superior performance for the proposed method.
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