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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Characterization of Indian Fly ashes for Mine Stowing PurposesNaik, H K; Mishra, M K
Dec-2011Effects of Clinker on strength behavior of Fly ash- Mine Overburden MixesMallick, S R; Mishra, M K
May-2011Evaluation of Flow Characteristics of Fly Ash Slurry at 40% Solid Concentration with and without an AdditiveNaik, H K; Mishra, M K; Rao, K U M
Jul-2015Experimental Evaluation of Geo-mechanical properties of Coal using Sonic Wave VelocityKumar, H; Mishra, S; Mishra, M K
May-2013Fly Ash: An Alternative Material for Filling Mining VoidsNaik, H K; Mishra, M K; Rao, K U M
2006Geotechnical characterization of fly ash composites for backfilling mine voidsMishra, M K; Karanam, U M R
2007Laboratory Investigation and Characterization of Some Coal Combustion Byproducts for their Effective UtilizationNaik, H K; Mishra, M K; Behera, B
Mar-2012Microstructure and leaching characteristics of fly ash-mine overburden-lime mixturesBehera, B; Mishra, M K
Nov-2012Performance Evaluation of fly ash Composite Material in Mine Haul RoadMallick, S R; Mishra, M K; Parida, K T
May-2012Replacement of conventional material with FCMs in sub-base of opencast mine haul road to reduce strain-An investigationMallick, S R; Mishra, M K
Jan-2011Room-and-Pillar Design Practices of Illinois Coal (No 5) SeamMishra, M K; Singh, V K; Chugh, Y P
Dec-2011Some aspects of lime treated fly ash and mine overburden composite samplesBehera, B; Mishra, M K
2007Strength Development of Fly Ash by Lime and Gypsum Addition for its Effective Utilization-A Laboratory InvestigationNaik, H K; Mishra, M K; Srikrishnan, V; Nayak, P K