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Title: Some aspects of lime treated fly ash and mine overburden composite samples
Authors: Behera, B
Mishra, M K
Keywords: Curing Period
Fly ash
Unconfined compressive strength
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Citation: 34th International Conference on safety in Mines Research Institutes, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 7-10th December, 2011
Abstract: There is almost a linear relation exists between generation of electricity and production of fly ash from thermal units in India. It poses a very challenging task of safe handling, proper disposal and utilization of the fly ash. In order to increase its utilization prospects an investigation was carried out for use in mine haul road construction. The paper presents a series of laboratory tests and evaluates the effect of lime on strength behavior of fly ash - mine overburden mixes. Tests were performed with different percentages of lime (2%, 3%, 6%, and 9%). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analyses were conducted at 28 days cured specimens. The experimental results indicated that strength values of fly ash and overburden mixes increased due to lime treatment.
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