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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1999A class of slip-line field solutions for metal machining with elastic contactMaity, K P; Das, N S
2006A class of slipline field solutions for extrusion through wedge shaped dies with slipping frictionDas, N S; Maity, K P
Oct-2001A class of slipline field solutions for metal machining with Coulomb friction at the chip–tool interfaceMaity, K P; Das, N S
Oct-2001A class of slipline field solutions for metal machining with slipping and sticking contact at the chip-tool interfaceMaity, K P; Das, N S
Nov-1996A class of upper-bound solutions for the extrusion of square shapes from square billets through curved diesMaity, K P; Kar, P K; Das, N S
2009Computer-Aided Simulation of Metal Flow through Curved Die for Extrusion of Square Section from Square BilletMaity, K P; Rout, A K; Majhi, K
Jun-2014Effect of cutting speed and tool coating on machined surface integrity of Ni-based super alloyThakur, A; Gangopadhyay, S; Maity, K P
Jun-2012Enhancement of micro-drilling performance by cryogenic treatment of drill bitMaity, K P; Chaini, S; Singh, K
2008An experimental investigation of hot-machining to predict tool lifeMaity, K P; Swain, P K
Sep-2022Influence of Different Electrode Materials during micro hole fabrication in Titanium grade 5Maity, K P; Mishra, H
Nov-2014Modeling of Micro Wire Electro Discharge Machining in Aerospace MaterialMaity, K P; Mohanta, M K
Mar-2015Modelling and Optimization of Abrasive Flow Machining of AL AlloyMaity, K P; Tripathy, K C
Sep-2015Modelling of Three Dimensional Rolling Process to Determine Spread with BulgeMaity, K P
Dec-2014Multi-Response Analysis of Electro-Chemical Machining Process Using Principal Component AnalysisMaity, K P; Verma, N K
Mar-2014Optimisation of fabrication of micro-holes in PCB using ND:YAG laser drillingMaity, K P
Mar-2017An Optimization and Experimental Analysis of Plasma Arc Cutting Of Hardox-400 Using Taguchi Based Desirability AnalysisNaik, Deepak Kumar; Maity, K P
Mar-2016Parametric Optimization of Conventional Micro-Drilling Operation of PMMAMaity, K P; Behera, B K
Jul-1998A slip-line solution to metal machining using a cutting tool with a step-type chip-breakerMaity, K P; Das, N S
2013Surface Integrity of Inconel 825 When Turning With Uncoated and CVD Coated Carbide InsertsThakur, A; Gangopadhayay, S; Maity, K P