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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Application of probabilistic neural network for Wine classificationKundu, M; Naga, C K
Jul-2014Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Fractional Order Biochemical Reaction Model by Multistage New Iterative MethodDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
Jun-2011ART1 Network: Application in Wine ClassificationKavuri, N C; Kundu, M
Jul-2012Bio-degradation of Phenol: Identification and MonitoringKavuri, C; Kundu, M
Aug-2010Design of Multivariable Neural Controllers Using a Classical ApproachDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
Aug-2010Design of neural controllers for various configurations of continuous bioreactorKaushikaram, K S; Damarla, S K; Kundu, M
Apr-2011Dissolution kinetics of nickel laterite Ore using different secondary Metabolic acidsSahu, S; Kavuri, N C; Kundu, M
Jun-2011Monitoring of Bioreactor using Statistical TechniquesDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
Jun-2011Monitoring of Drum-boiler Process Using Statistical TechniquesDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
2015Numerical Solution of Fractional Order Differential-Algebraic Equations Using Generalized Triangular Function Operational MatricesDamarla, S K; Kundu, M
Dec-2010Partial least squares: application in classification and multivariable process dynamics identificationDamarla, S K; Kavuri, N C; Kaushikaram, K S; Kundu, M
2008Prediction of Equilibrium Solubility of CO2 in Aqueous Alkanolamines Using Differential Evolution AlgorithmKundu, M; Chitturi, A; Bandyopadhyay, S S
2008Unfolding Studies of Escherichia Coli Maltodextrin Glucosidase Monitored by Fluorescence SpectroscopyPaul, S; Kundu, M; Das, K P; Mishra, S; Chaudhuri, T K
2011Vapour–Liquid Equilibrium of co2 in Aqueous Solutions of N–Methyl–2–EthanolamineKumar, G; Kundu, M