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Title: Dissolution kinetics of nickel laterite Ore using different secondary Metabolic acids
Authors: Sahu, S
Kavuri, N C
Kundu, M
Keywords: Dissolution kinetics
Laterite ore
Pseudomonas putida
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: Brazilian Society of Chemical engineering
Citation: Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. 28, No. 02, April - June, 2011
Abstract: The dissolution kinetics of nickel laterite ore in aqueous acid solutions of three metabolic acids, i.e., citric acid, oxalic acid and acetic acid were investigated in a batch reactor individually. It was determined that experimental data comply with a shrinking core model. The diffusion coefficients for citric acid, oxalic acid and acetic acid were found to be 1.99×10-9 cm2/s, 2.59×10-8 cm2/s and 1.92×10-10 cm2/s respectively. The leaching ability of each acid was observed and it was found that oxalic acid was better than the other two.
Description: Copyright belongs to Brazilian Society of Chemical engineering
ISSN: 0104-6632
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