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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004An accurate fault classification algorithm using a minimal radial basis function neural networkDash, P K; Samantaray, S R
1993An adaptive fuzzy logic controller for AC-DC power systemsDash, P K; Routray, A; Rahman, S
Nov-1996An adaptive linear combiner for on-line tracking of power system harmonicsDash, P K; Swain, D P; Liew, A C; Rahman, S
1998An adaptive PID stabilizer for power systems using fuzzy logicDash, P K; Liew, A C; Mishra, B R
2000Adaptive relay setting for flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)Dash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G; Liew, A C
Mar-1995Anticipatory fuzzy control of power systemsDash, P K; Liew, A C
2002Application of a multivariable feedback linearization scheme for STATCOM controlSahoo, N C; Panigrahi, B K; Dash, P K; Panda, G
1991Artificial neural net approach for capacitor placement in power systemDash, P K; Saha, S; Nanda, P K
1990Artificial neural net based noise cancellorDash, P K; Saha, S; Nanda, P K; Khincha, H P
1991Artificial neural network & pattern recognition approach for narrowband signal extractionDash, P K; Nanda, P K; Saha, S; Doraiswami, R
1995Building a fuzzy expert system for electric load forecasting using a hybrid neural networkDash, P K; Liew, A C; Rahman, S; Ramakrishna, G
Apr-2000Classification of power system disturbances using a fuzzy expert system and a Fourier linear combinerDash, P K; Mishra, S; Salama, M M A; Liew, A C
1998Computation of power quality symmetrical components using fuzzy logic based linear combinersDash, P K; Mishra, B; Panda, S K; Salama, M M A
Apr-2002Data compression of power quality events using the slantlet transformPanda, G; Dash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Meher, S K
1999Design of an energy function based fuzzy tuning controller for HVDC linksDash, P K; Routray, A; Liew, A C
2008Differential equation-based fault locator for unified power flow controller-based transmission line using synchronised phasor measurementsSamantaray, S R; Tripathy, L N; Dash, P K
Jan-1988Digital impedance protection of power transmission lines using a spectral observerDash, P K; Panda, D K
2000Digital protection of power transmission lines in the presence of series connected FACTS devicesDash, P K; Pradhan, A K; Panda, G; Liew, A C
1995Digital protective relaying using an adaptive neural networkDash, P K; Swain, D P; Khincha, H P; Liew, A C
2006Discrimination between Inrush current and Internal Faults using Pattern Recognition ApproachPanigrahi, B K; Samantaray, S R; Dash, P K; Panda, G