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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Different Layers of P3HT: PCBM Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic CellsSubramanyam, B V R S; Mahakul, P C; Sa, K; Raiguru, J; Alam, I; Das, S; Subudhi, S; Mandal, M; Patra, S; Mahanandia, P
1998An Attempt to Develop Sulfate Bonded Alumino–Silicate RefractoriesSarkar, D; Sengupta, P; Bhattacharya, N R; Das, S; Das, P K; Poddar
Mar-2013Automatic Extraction of Human Gait Feature for RecognitionDas, S; Meher, S
2009A Comparison Study of Receiver Performances on Ultrawide Band Indoor Wireless Channel ModelDas, S; Das, B
2008Design of Adaptive Channel Equaliser on Neural Framework Using Fuzzy Logic Based Multilevel Sigmoid Slope AdaptationDas, S
Dec-2018Effect of Co doping in tuning the band gap of LaFeO3Subudhi, S; Mahapatra, A; Mandal, M; Das, S; Sa, K; Alam, I; Subramanyam, B; Raiguru, J; Mahanandia, P
May-1999Effect of Darcy, fluid rayleigh and heat generation parameters on natural convection in a porous square enclosure: A Brinkman-extended Darcy modelDas, S; Sahoo, R K
Mar-2011Effect of Erodent on Erosion Wear of Fly Ash-IllmeniteMishra, S C; Das, S; Nayak, H K; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V
Dec-2015Marine Bacterial Biofilm in Bioremediation of Organic and Inorganic PollutantsDas, S; Mangwani, N; Dash, H R; Chakraborty, J; Kumari, S
Nov-2015Maximized Secrecy Rate Based Power Allocation for Wireless Cooperative Network with Control JammingGurrala, K K; Das, S
Dec-2014Mediating Role of Trade unions in between Industrial Relations and Successful Change: Validation of the Model through Structural Equation ModelingSharma, R; Sahoo, C K; Das, S; Sundaray, B K
2008A novel concept of embedding orthogonal basis function expansion in a feedforward neural equaliserDas, S
2009Oxidation by Permanganate: Synthetic and Mechanistic AspectsDas, S; Patel, S; Mishra, B K
Dec-2018Performance Of Organic Photovoltaic Cells Fabricated Using Reduced Graphene Oxide/PEDOT:PSS Composites As Transparent ElectrodesSubramanyam, B V R S; Raiguru, J; Mahakul, P C; Sa, K; Alam, I; Das, S; Subudhi, S; Mandal, M; Saha, S; Das, B; Mahanandia, P
2009RAKE-MMSE Time Domain Equalizer for High Data Rate UWB Communication SystemDas, B; Das, S
2008Smart Antenna Design for Wireless Communication using Adaptive Beam-Forming ApproachDas, S
2008Smart antenna design for wireless communication using adaptive beam-forming approachDas, S
2009Time Domain Equalization Technique using RAKE-MMSE Receivers for High Data Rate UWB Communication SystemDas, S; Das, B
Aug-2016Tunable Competition and Possible Coexistence of Magneto-Electric Phases in A Charge Ordered ManganiteDas, S