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Title: Smart Antenna Design for Wireless Communication using Adaptive Beam-Forming Approach
Authors: Das, S
Keywords: 3G mobile communication
adaptive antenna arrays
adaptive signal processing
array signal processing
cellular radio
cochannel interference
interference suppression
mobile antennas
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON, Hyderabad, November 19-21, 2008
Abstract: Smart antenna is recognized as promising technologies for higher user capacity in 3G wireless networks by effectively reducing multipath and co-channel interference. Advent of powerful, low-cost, digital processing components and the development of software-based techniques has made smart antenna systems a practical reality for both base station and mobile station of a cellular communications systems in the next generation. The core of smart antenna is the selection of smart algorithms in adaptive array. Using beam forming algorithms the weight of antenna arrays can be adjusted to form certain amount of adaptive beam to track corresponding users automatically and at the same time to minimize interference arising from other users by introducing nulls in their directions. Thus interferences can be suppressed and the desired signals can be extracted. This research work provides description, comparative analysis and utility of various reference signal based algorithms as well as blind adaptive algorithms. Exhaustive simulation study of beam patterns and learning characteristics have proved the efficacies of the proposed work from application point of view.
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