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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Calibration of Performance of Roundabouts Based on Gap Acceptance Parameters Using Simulation for Indian ScenarioRao, Shweta; Krishna, Yadu; Priyanka, Atmakuri; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Nov-2017Delay models for Roundabouts under mixed Traffic flow Conditions in Developing CountriesPatnaik, Ashish Kumar; Agarwal, Akshay; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar; Kumar, D. Prasanth
Nov-2017Influence Of Compactive Effort On Sulfur Modified Sand-Bituminous Paving MixesJena, Subhashree; Panda, Mahabir; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Jan-2018Investigating Entry Capacity Models of Roundabouts under Heterogeneous Traffic ConditionsPatnaik, Ashish Kumar; Ranjan, Ankit Raj; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Jan-2019Investigating Service Performances of Signalized Intersections Operating under Mixed Traffic ConditionJena, Suprava; Kar, Manaswinee; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Dec-2016Level of Service for Bicycle Through Movement at Signalized Intersections Under Heterogeneous Traffic Flow ConditionsBeura, Sambit Kumar; Kiran Kumar, N; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Dec-2016Modelling Entry Capacity Reduction Factor of Roundabouts under the Influence of Pedestrians in Developing CountriesPatnaik, Ashish Kumar; Sahani, Rima; Sahoo, Kalpana; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Jan-2018Performance assessment of urban streets adressing improvement issues for automobile mode of transportJena, Suprava; Chakraborty, Abhishek; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Jan-2018Quality Of Bicycle Traffic Management at Urban Road Links and Signalized Intersections under Mixed Traffic ConditionsBeura, Sambit Kumar; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Aug-2017A Study on Use of Locally Available Moorum in Pavement Base and Sub-BaseBarik, Shubhakanta; Panda, Mahabir; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Dec-2016Tangible Service Level Assessment of Urban Streets using Point System to Support Improvement Issues for Private Mode ofJena, Suprava; Beura, Sambit Kumar; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar
Dec-2016Use of Multinomial Logit Model in Evaluation of Service Levels of Pedestrian FacilitiesSahani, Rima; Praveena, Dudi; Bhuyan, Prasanta Kumar