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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Automated human tracking using advanced mean shift algorithmSahoo, S P; Ari, S
Apr-2014Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet TransformThomas, M; Das, M K; Ari, S
Mar-2013Color Hand Gesture Segmentation for Images with Complex BackgroundAvinash Babu, D; Ghosh, D K; Ari, S
Mar-2012Denoising of ECG signals using Empirical Mode Decomposition based techniqueChacko, A; Ari, S
Dec-2013ECG Arrhythmia Recognition using Artificial Neural Network with S-transform based Effective FeaturesDas, M K; Ari, S
Apr-2013ECG signal analysis for detection of Cardiovascular abnormalities and Ischemic episodesSahoo, G K; Ari, S; Patra, S K
Jun-2015Implementation of Input Data Buffering and Scheduling Methodology for 8 Parallel MDC FFTLocharla, G R; Kumar K, S; Mahapatra, K K; Ari, S
Jan-2011A Novel Technique for QRS Complex detection in ECG Signal based on Hilbert Transform and AutocorrelationSahoo, J P; Behera, S; Ari, S
Dec-2011On an Algorithm for Detection of QRS Complexes in Noisy Electrocardiogram SignalDas, M K; Ari, S; Priyadharsini, S
Dec-2011A Static Hand Gesture Recognition Algorithm Using K-Mean Based Radial Basis Function Neural NetworkGhosh, D K; Ari, S
Apr-2015Static Hand Gesture Recognition Using Mixture of Features and SVM ClassifierGhosh, D K; Ari, S
Sep-2013Suspicious Lesion Detection in Mammograms using Undecimated Wavelet Transform and Adaptive ThresholdingNayak, A; Ghosh, D K; Ari, S
Dec-2013Wavelet Transform Based Error Detection in Signal Acquired from Artillery UnitPradhan, B B; Ari, S; Sahoo, G K; Jena, D K; Patra, S K; Appavuraj, R