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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2024Adoption of Technologies, Farm Mechanism and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agricultural Productivity in Developing CountriesSethi, Litu; Sethi, Narayan
Dec-2018Do FDI and Financial Development Act as Determinants of Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from India and PakistanSethi, Narayan
Jun-2022Do Foreign Aid Policy and Institutional Quality Drive Structural Transformation? – Evidence from sub-Saharan AfricaHaldar, Anasuya; Sethi, Narayan
Mar-2024Do Renewable Energy and Digitalization Help Achieve Food Security in South Asia by Strengthening the Agricultural Sector ?Behera, Biswanath; Sethi, Narayan
Aug-2018Does Foreign Aid Act as an Instrument of Economic Growth in India and Sri Lanka?Sethi, Narayan; Bhujabal, Padmaja; Sahoo, Malayaranjan; Sucharita, Sanhita
Dec-2022Does foreign aid promote FDI inflows to the recipient countries? Evidence from major Developing countriesSethi, Narayan
Feb-2018An Empirical Insight of Examining Impact of Recent Demonetization on Monetary System: Evidence from IndiaSethi, Narayan; Bhujabal, Padmaja; Dash, Devi Prasad; Sucharita, Sanhita
Aug-2019Financial development and fertility in South AsiaSethi, Narayan
Jan-2019Foreign Aid and its Macroeconomic Effect in India and Sri Lanka: An Empirical InvestigationBhujabal, Padmaja; Sethi, Narayan; Das, Aurolipsa; Sucharita, Sanhita
Dec-2016Interaction Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Empirical Evidence from IndiaSethi, Narayan
Apr-2024Modelling the Impacts of Hydro Energy Consumption, Coal Energy Consumption and Political Stability on Environmental Sustainability in IndiaBehera, Biswanath; Sethi, Narayan
Apr-2024Role of Green Growth, Green Technology Innovation, Renewable Energy, and Political Stability in Mitigating the Ecological Footprint in IndiaSethi, Litu; Sethi, Narayan
Aug-2017What Causes India’s High Inflation? A Threshold Structural Vector Autoregression AnalysisSethi, Narayan; Mallick, Arundhati
Apr-2024What Determines Renewable Energy Generation in India? The Role of Green Finance and Public-Private PartnershipBehera, Puspanjali; Sethi, Narayan