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Title: Does foreign aid promote FDI inflows to the recipient countries? Evidence from major Developing countries
Authors: Sethi, Narayan
Keywords: Foreign aid
Developing countries
Issue Date: Dec-2022
Citation: 8th International Conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance (EIITF), New Delhi, 15th-16th December 2022
Abstract: Tribe is otherwise known as Adivasi. A tribe is referred as a exiting group before the development of or outside of states. Like that “Adivasi” is a generic term for a heterogeneous set of ethnic and tribal groups believed to be the aboriginal population, a substantial indigenous minority, of India. Over a period of time, unlike the terms "aborigines" or "tribes", the word "Adivasi" has also developed a connotation of past autonomy which was disrupted during the British colonial period in India and which has not been restored. It should be noted that a tribe is a group of distinct people which is dependent on their land for their livelihood also who are largely self-sufficient and not integrated into the national society.
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