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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018Non-Destructive Synthesis and Characterisation of 1D Carbon Nanotubes and 2D graphene sheets for the Development of NanocompositesSharma, Nidhi; Alam, Syed Nasimul; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Apr-2018Mechanical and thermal behavior of nano-TiO2 enhanced glass fibre reinforced polymeric composites at various crosshead speedsMahato, Kishore Kumar; Dutta, Krishna; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Jul-2018Roles of Interfaces and nano-fillers on environmental durability and structural integrity of FRP compositesRathore, Dinesh Kumar; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Pal, Snehanshu; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Jul-2018Environmental Durability assessment of CNT enhanced GFRP compositesAnand, Abhijeet; Rathore, Dinesh Kumar; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Jul-2018Mechanical performance evaluation of woven and unidirectional GFRP composite through numerical simulationMhetre, Yogesh; Ray, Bankim Chandra; Pal, Snehanshu
Nov-2018Roles of interfaces on microstructural and structural integrity of advanced FRP and nano-fillers enhanced multiscales FRP compositesRay, Bankim Chandra
Nov-2018Effects of carbon nanotube and/or graphene reinforcement on the mechanical performance of glass fiber/epoxy compositeChaitanya Nuli, Krishna; Fulmali, Abhinav Omprakash; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Nov-2018Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Composite by Electrophoretic deposition of Graphene based functional groupsYandrapu, Sagar; Gangineni, Pavan Kumar; Ghosh, Sohan Kumar; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Nov-2018Evaluation of flexural properties of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) modified Carbon Fibre Reinforced CompositeDe, Soubhik; Gangineni, Pavan Kumar; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra
Dec-2018Thermal shock effect of nano-TiO2 enhanced glass fiber reinforced polymeric composites: An assessment on tensile and thermal behaviorMahato, Kishore Kumar; Dutta, Krishna; Prusty, Rajesh Kumar; Ray, Bankim Chandra