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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Internet of Things-Enabled Overlay Satellite-Terrestrial Networks in the Presence of InterferenceSharma, Pankaj K; Yogesh, Budharam; Gupta, Deepika
Feb-2020Video Anomaly Detection using Convolutional Spatiotemporal AutoencoderNayak, Rashmiranjan; Pati, Umesh Chandra; Das, Santos Kumar
Feb-2020Understanding Role of Mitophagyin Cell Survival and Cell Death in Cancer and TherapeuticsBhutia, Sujit Kumar
Feb-2020Identifying design elements in public spaces conducive to the engagement of youth in social interactionSaha, Suparna
Jan-2020Active Edible Films Based On Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP) Incorporated with Pomegranate Seed Oil (PSO)Hogue, Moniurul; Syed, Irshaan; Gupta, Sweta; Sarkar, Preetam
Feb-2020Design of a 3-bit Chipless RFID Tag using Circular Split-Ring Resonators for Retail and Healthcare ApplicationsMishra, Durga Prasad; Das, Tanmaya Kumar; Behera, Santanu Kumar
Feb-2020Design of a Chipless RFID Tag for 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM Band ApplicationsSahu, Pransu Prakash; Mishra, Durga Prasad; Das, Tanmaya Kumar; Behera, Santanu Kumar
Jan-2020Nanoparticles taken through oral route acts as a behavioural teratogen: a lesson learnt from fruit flyMishra, Monolisa
Feb-2020Design of a Modified Slotted Monopole Fractal Antenna for Wideband ApplicationsSamyuktha, K R; Das, Tanmaya Kumar; Mishra, Durga Prasad; Behera, Santanu Kumar
Feb-2020Performance Analysis of a Li-Fi System under Ambient Light ConditionsPradhan, Jayashree; Kappala, Vinod Kiran; Das, Santos Kumar