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Title: Effect of Coaxial Rod, Disk and Blade Type Promoters on Bed Fluctuation in a Gas-solid Fluidized Bed with Varying Distributor Open Area
Authors: Kumar, A
Roy, G K
Keywords: Fluidization
Bed fluctuation ratio.
Issue Date: Mar-2002
Citation: IE (I) journal-CH Vol 82, March 2002
Abstract: Experiments have been carried out extensively to study the effectiveness of promoters in reducing bedfluctuation in fluidized beds with distributors of varying open area. Four type of rod promoters, seven types of disk promoters along with one blade promoter have been used in beds supported respectively on five distributors with open area of 12.9%, 8.96%, 5.74%, 3.23% and 1.43% of the column cross-sectional area. Correlations for bed fluctuation ratio been developed for unpromoted and the promoted beds with rod, disk and blade type of promoters. The values of bed fluctuation ratio obtained from the developed correlations compare fairly well with the experimental values. It is also observed that there is reduction in fluctuation of the bed in case of all the promoted beds as against the unpromoted for identical bed and operating parameters, which may be attributed to the combined effect of promoter and distributor.
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