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Title: Fluidized Bed Pressure Drop in Promoted Gas- Solid Beds with Coaxial Rod, Disk and Blade Type Promoters
Authors: Kumar, A
Roy, G K
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Citation: Chemical Engineering Communicatios, Vol 191, No 6, June 2004
Abstract: Bed pressure drop equations have been formulated for gas-solid fluidized beds with different types of promoters using Ergun's equation (Ergun, 1952) and experimental data. Four rod promoters, seven disk promoters, along with one blade promoter were used in beds supported on five different distributors with open areas of 12.9%, 8.96%, 5.74%, 3.23%, and 1.43% of the column section. The predicted values of bed pressure drop using a modified (i.e.,modified numerical constant) Burke-Plummer (Burke and Plummer, 1928) equation were compared with the corresponding experimental as well as the respective values obtained with the help of Kumar et al. (submitted) and traditional gas-solid fluidized bed equations.
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