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Title: A radial basis function neural network controller for UPFC
Authors: Dash, P K
Mishra, S
Panda, G
Keywords: damping
load flow control
power system control
power system transient
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting, 16-20 July 2000, P 1959 vol. 3
Abstract: Summary form only given as follows. This paper presents the design of radial basis function neural network controllers (RBFNN) for UPFC to improve the transient stability performance of a power system. The RBFNN uses either single neuron or multi-neuron architecture and the parameters are dynamically adjusted using an error surface derived from active or reactive power/voltage deviations at the UPFC injection bus. The performance of the new single neuron controller is evaluated using both single-machine infinite-bus and three-machine power systems subjected to various transient disturbances. In the case of a three-machine 8-bus power system, the performance of the single neuron RBF controller is compared with BP (backpropagation) algorithm based multi-layered ANN controller. Further it is seen that by using a multi-input multi-neuron RBF controller, instead of a single neuron one, the critical clearing time and damping performance are improved. The new RBFNN controller for UPFC exhibits a superior damping performance in comparison to the existing PI controllers. Its simple architecture reduces the computational burden thereby making it attractive for real-time implementation
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