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Title: Biofluidization : A Novel Technique for the Treatment of Wastewater
Authors: Misra, M
Roy, G K
Issue Date: Apr-1995
Citation: Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol. 15, No. 6, June 1995
Abstract: Application of the principle of fluidization to various bio - conversion processes in general and the management of solid and liquid effluents in particular has been highlighted. Salient features of an aerobic fluidized bed reactor for the treatment of wastewater have been detailed and its priority over the operation of a conventional one (namely the activated sludge homogeneous reactor) has been established. Use of anaerobic technique for the effective and economic treatment of organic waste with high oxygen demand has been emphasized and the use of a fluidized bed for the purpose has been recommended. Some general design guidelines for aerobic and anaerobic biofluidizers have been presented. Bioconversion of liquid sludge through incineration and wet scrubbing has also been highlighted.
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