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Title: Heat Transfer in Semifluidized Beds
Authors: Murthy, J S N
Suryanarayana, A
Roy, G K
Sarma, K J R
Issue Date: Jun-1983
Citation: Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) Vol 63 pt CH3, June 1983
Abstract: This paper predicts heat transfer coefficient in semi-fluidized beds as a function of properties of solid, gas and operating conditions. It includes collected data on heat transfer coefficient using glass beads, coal particles, porcelain beads and sugar crystals as bed material and air as the fluidizing medium.A copper column of 5.08 cm internal diameter with a cooling jacket was used as the semi-fluidizer. With the help of dimensional analysis an equation has been formulated to predict Nusselt number in terms of different system variables. The equation has been verified by carrying out additional independent experiments and it has been found that the equation holds good for all the data within ± 16%.
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