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Title: Municipal Solid Waste Recycle - An Economic Proposition for a Developing Nation
Authors: Roy, G K
Issue Date: Jan-1988
Publisher: Kalpana Corporation
Citation: Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1988, Pages 51-54
Abstract: Attenuation of the world's reserves of conventional and nonrenewable energy has affected the industrial scene of the developing countries in a big way and stimulated the hunt for renewable and unconventional energy sources. In addition, treatment and disposal of huge tonnages of municipal solid waste ( MSW ) generated from the cities ( as a result of rapid urbanisation ) has emerged as a new environmental problem in the afore - said countries. Recycle of MSW as a technique to create renewable source of energy and to solve the disposal problem in an environmentally acceptable manner is, DO doubt, an economic proposition. This article gives a comparative picture of the conventional methods with those of the recent ones, namely the incineration and pyrolysis ( recycling techniques ) for the treatment of the MSW in general and the salient features of the pyrolysis process in particular. Suitability of the waste recycle techniques in the context of a developing nation has also been discussed.
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