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Title: Prediction of Vapour Velocity in Bubble-Cap Towers by Nomograph
Authors: Roy, G K
Issue Date: May-1987
Citation: Chemical Engineering World , Vol. 22 No. 5, May 1987
Abstract: Bubble-cap towers are the oldest and the most versatile type of vapour — liquid contacting devices,used not only in distillation, but in gas absorption also when the relatively high resistance to gas flow is not a serious objection. Essential design features for a bubble-cap tower include the fixation of number of plates and diameter. Graphical representation of Giliand's correlation(1) is a method for a quick estimate of number of theoretical plates in a bubble-cap tower. For calculating the tower diameter it is imperative to predict correctly the vapour velocity in a tower which depends on the tray dynamics and properties of the vapour-liquid system being handled.
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