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Title: Onset of Semifluidization and Fluidization in Conical Vessels
Authors: Murthy, J S N
Suryanarayana, A
Roy, G K
Sahu, G N
Patra, P
Issue Date: Oct-1987
Citation: Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) vol 68 part CH 1 October 1987
Abstract: Semifluidization is a recent development in the field of fluid-solid contact techniques and is a twophase phenomenon like the packed bed and the fluidized bed. A bed of this nature overcomes inherent disadvantages of packed and fluidized beds. Various aspects of semifluidization in cylindrical columns have been reported in literature. Liquid-solid semifluidization in conical vessels offers some more advantages like low pressure drop, less power consumption and smooth operation. In this paper an attempt has been made to predict the onset of semifluidization and fluidization for liquid-solid system in conical vessels.
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