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Title: Prediction of Optimum Economic Pipe Diameter by Nomograph
Authors: Roy, G K
Issue Date: Jun-1988
Citation: Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India), Vol 68 part CH 3 June 1988
Abstract: Appropriate sizing of process piping systems based on economic consideration is an essential requirement in almost every type of the fluid processing unit. In addition to the fluid transport properties the two cost factors viz, the cost of piping {fixed cost) and the cost of pumping {running cost) are to be taken into account for the prediction of optimum economic pipe diameter. Available correlations and nomographs in this context have used a constant cost factor, which restricts their use for years to come. An attempt has, therefore, been made in this communication to predict the optimum economic pipe diameter for the viscous and the turbulent flow regimes with the help of nomograph prepared on the basis of modified equations, incorporating the cost factor. Values of economic pipe diameter obtained from the nomograph have been found to compare fairly well with the respective values calculated by the developed equations.
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