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dc.contributor.authorMurthy, J S N-
dc.contributor.authorNarayana, A S-
dc.contributor.authorRoy, G K-
dc.contributor.authorSarma, K J R-
dc.identifier.citationIndian Chemical Engineer ,Vol. XXIII, No. 4, Pages 26—28en
dc.description.abstractIt has been observed by many investigators that a lean-bed zone exists in between fluidized beds and packed beds.No attempt has been made however to predict it. Data have been obtained on the heights of the lean-bed zone in semifluidized beds using air-glass beads, air-ilmenite and airchromite systems. Based on the lines of statistical design, the experiments were carried out at two levels. An equation is presented for predicting the heights of the lean-bed zone in terms of solid, fluid and bed properties. The equation has been, verified by carrying out additional independent experiments and has been found to hold good within ±15per cent.en
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dc.titlePrediction of the Height of the Lean-Bed Zone in Gas-Solid Semifluidized Bedsen
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