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Title: Biothermal Gasification—A Critical Review
Authors: Bhowmik, T
Roy, G K
Issue Date: Aug-1983
Citation: Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) Vol 64, pt AG 1, August 1983
Abstract: Increase in production in the agricultural sector has posed a new problem in the disposal of the residues obtained during harvesting and downstream processing of the agro-products. In addition large quantities of municipal and sewage sludges from the cities are discharged in to adjoining waterways after undergoing costly systems of treatment. Biothermal gasification of the above-mentioned residues is an effective method of utilization. The process provides an alternative means for the production of usable energy in addition to solving the waste disposal problems. This paper reviews the various conversion processes of biomass in general and the biothermal gasification process in particular. Suitability of the process in the Indian context has also been discussed.
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