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Title: Kinetics of Lime-Limestone Sulfation: Review of Lime Reactivity and sulfation Kinetics in the Dry Limestone Desulfurization Processes
Authors: Weisweiler, W
Roy, G K
Issue Date: 1981
Citation: High Temperatures- High Pressures, 1981, Vol 13, pages 333-345
Abstract: The necessity for the control of the growing problem of atmospheric pollution by sulfur dioxide is emphasized, and the advantages and disadvantages of the widely accepted dry limestone desulfurization process are indicated. Various important properties of limestone and the reaction parameters influencing S02 reactivity are critically discussed. The kinetics of the lime-sulfation reaction and the probable reaction mechanism based on recent experimental investigations are briefly summarized. The present knowledge of the S02 reactivity and related phenomena is presented, together with examples of possible areas of improvement of the process.
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