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Title: Design of a Gas- Solid Semifluidizer
Authors: Roy, G K
Sengupta, P
Issue Date: May-1973
Citation: Chemical Industry Developments, 1973
Abstract: A SEMIFLUIDIZED bed is a compromise between the packed and fluidized bed conditions, wherein certain drawbacks of both the operations are eliminated. Based on correlations developed by the authors for predicting the minimum and the maximum semi-fluidization velocities, the packed bed formation and the pressure drop across a semifluidized bed, a method is suggested for the design of a gas-solid semifluidizer. SEMI-FLUIDIZATION is a recent development in the field of fluid-solid contact operations. This can be reviewed as the combination of a batch fluidized bed at the bottom and a fixed bed at the top. The process takes into consideration the merits of both fixed and fluidized beds. This technique can be successfully employed in industries such as catalytic reactors (mixed tubular reactors1), ion-exchange columns, heat exchangers, solvent extractors, driers,etc.
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