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Title: Relationship between the Onset of Semi-fluidization Velocity and the Minimum Fluidization Velocity
Authors: Roy, G K
Sengupta, P
Issue Date: Nov-1972
Citation: Indian Journal of Technology, Voulme 10, Pg 397-399, 1972
Abstract: SEMI-FLUIDIZATION, a recent development in the field of fluid-solid contact operations, is highly suitable for mixed and tubular re- actors 1 . A semi-fluidized bed is a compromise be- tween the packed and the fluidized bed conditions, eliminating certain drawbacks of both these opera- tions2. The introduction of a porous disc or sieve in a conventional fluidizer arrests the free upward motion of the particles and results in the formation of a semi-fluidized bed consisting of a top packed section and a bottom fluidized portion.
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