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dc.contributor.authorSahoo, A-
dc.contributor.authorRoy, G K-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Powder Technology, Volume 159, No 3, pp 150-154, 2005en
dc.description.abstractThe mixing characteristic of large particles (Geldart BD type) has been investigated in a cylindrical gas-solid fluidized bed. Based on dimensional analysis, a correlation for the mixing index has been developed with the system parameters viz, average particle size of the mixture, initial static bed height, height of the particles’ layer in the bed (from where sample is drawn) and superficial velocity of the fluidizing medium. A theoretical model for the mixing index has been developed on the basis of the counter flow of solids with circulation and horizontal dispersion. A comparison has been made for the values of the mixing index calculated by both the theoretical and the experimental models.en
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dc.subjectMixing indexen
dc.subjectstatic bed conditionen
dc.subjectfluidized bed conditionen
dc.subjecthorizontal dispersion coefficienten
dc.titleMixing Characteristic of Homogeneous Binary Mixture of Regular Particles in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Beden
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