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dc.contributor.authorKaur, K-
dc.contributor.authorChowdhury, S-
dc.contributor.authorChowdhury, S P-
dc.contributor.authorMohanty, K B-
dc.contributor.authorDomijan, A-
dc.identifier.citationPower and Energy Society General Meeting - Conversion and Delivery of Electrical Energy in the 21st Century, Pittsburgh, July 20-24, 2008en
dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this paper is to analyze the performance of a variable speed wind generation system by using fuzzy logic principles for efficiency optimization and performance enhancement control. A squirrel cage induction generator feeds the power to a double-sided pulse width converter system, which feeds power to either an utility grid, or to an autonomous system. The generation system uses three numbers of fuzzy logic controllers. The first fuzzy controller tracks the generator speed with the wind velocity to extract maximum power. The second fuzzy logic controller programs machine flux for light load efficiency improvement. The third fuzzy logic controller provides robust speed control against wind vortex and turbine oscillatory torque.en
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dc.subjectangular velocity controlen
dc.subjectfuzzy controlen
dc.subjectpower generation controlen
dc.subjectpower gridsen
dc.subjectrobust controlen
dc.titleFuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation Systemen
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